Cooperation projects

Title Starting date Objective Objective
EQuAM-M October 2017 October 2020 Erasmus+ EQuAM-M project « Enhancing Quality Assurance Management in Morocco » has the general objective of supporting Morocco in the development of an effective and efficient quality assurance system appropriate to the Moroccan context. The specific objectives of this project include the development of :
 A Road Map addressing the necessary detailed requirements for implementing and/or improving the functions and procedures of QA at the institutional level and the link between Internal and External QA.
 A White Paper aiming at informing key stakeholders in Morocco on the progressive implementation of the new QA system that accords with achievable expectations and leads to enhancement in Moroccan HE; and with recommendations for meeting the shared needs of EQA and IQA in Morocco. It will include a 10-year ‘road map’ for the progressive ‘evolution’ of QA for Moroccan HE to support the development of a Quality Culture.
 A shared toolkit’ to meet needs of Internal QA and External QA in Morocco that will lead to
 A Code of Practice for the Management of Quality Assurance in Moroccan universities. This will provide the bases for university’s internal QA arrangements, irrespective of the vision, mission and context, and for the evaluations undertaken by the ANEAQ.
AMEL November 2018 November 2021 The main objective of the Erasmus+ AMEL project “Improvement of Lifelong Learning in Higher Education in Morocco” is to contribute to the establishment of a national framework for lifelong learning (LL) in order to improve its practice and accessibility, through the following measures:
 Strengthening the role of the University in the national economy development ;
 Assisting regulatory developments in the field of LL;
 Introducing the recognition of prior knowledge in higher education in Morocco;
 Train and make available a network of experts in LL and recognition of prior knowledge;
 Take stock of lifelong learning (LL) in Morocco;
 Drafting the “Charter of Moroccan Universities for Lifelong Learning”;
 Adopting a unified system of recognition of individuals’ cognitive and professional assets;
 Provide appropriate guidance and counselling services.