Missions Of The Agency

The Agency’s mission is to carry out, on behalf of the state, assessments of higher education and scientific research in order to ensure quality. In this regard, it is entrusted with:

  • Assessment of public and private higher education establishments and scientific research establishments taking into consideration the specialty of each establishment, mainly its pedagogical and scientific projects;
  • Examining and assessment of training programs with the aim of obtaining or renewing the accreditation;
  • Assessment of the activities of Doctoral Studies Centers and take stock of the training statement and research works carried out in these centers;
  • Assessment of scientific research and effectiveness of its structures;
  • Assessment of University cooperation programs and projects in terms of training and scientific research;

The agency can also, within the limit of its powers, carry out an assessment at the request of:

  • Ministerial Departments working on higher education, scientific research and executives’ training;
  • Higher Council of Education, Training and Scientific Research;
  • Hassan II Academy of Sciences and Technology;
  • National Center of Scientific and Technical Research;
  • Universities and establishments of Higher Education and Research.

At the international level:

  • The agency can, within the limits of its powers, carry out, as part of cooperation conventions concluded by the Kingdom of Morocco, assessment works of foreign training and scientific research establishments ;
  • The agency can, upon authorization of the administration, carry out, within the limits of its powers, assessment works of foreign training and scientific research establishments, as part of conventions concluded for the same purpose