A board of directors governs the Agency.

The board of directors, presided by the Prime Minister or the intergovernmental authority delegated by him for this purpose, made up, in addition to the state representatives, of:

  1. The Permanent Secretary of Hassan II Academy of Sciences and Technologies or his representative;
  2. The President of the National Committee of Higher Education Coordination or his representative;
  3. The President of the Supreme Council of Education, Training and Scientific Research or his representative;
  4. A representative of establishments not affiliated to Universities;
  5. A representative of Private Higher Education;
  6. Two former presidents of universities affiliated to public higher education;
  7. Four members known for their Scientific and Technical Competencies;
  8. A representative elected among and the staff of the agency.

The president of the board of directors can invite to the meetings of the council, on an advisory basis, any individual or business from public or private sectors, whose presence is deemed appropriate and when the need may require.

The board of directors has all the necessary powers and duties for the administration of the Agency. Therefore, it performs the following functions:

  1. Fix the broad guidelines of the agency and prepare its action plan;
  2. Fix the annual budget of the agency, financing methods of its activities programs, the budgetary amortization and ordering system.
  3. Fix the accounts of the agency and decide on Profit distribution;
  4. Suggest assessment criteria to the administration;
  5. Elaborate the establishment plan of the agency through fixing its organizational structures and their duties;
  6. Establish the Agency’s staff regulations and the system of their allowances;
  7. Establish its bylaws and that of the Agency;
  8. Establish the regulations fixing the conditions and forms of procurement;
  9. Fix the price list of the services provided by the agency;
  10. Approves partnership and cooperation conventions concluded with national and foreign organizations;
  11. Decides concerning acquisition, sale and rent of the immovable property of the agency;
  12. Accepts the gifts and legacies.

The board of directors can delegate the Director of the agency to deal with specific matters. The board of directors examines the annual report of activities of the agency established by the Director.

The board of directors meets upon the convocation of its president, as often as needed and at least twice per year:

    1. Before the 30th of June in order to approve the financial statements for the previous financial year;
    2. Before the 30th of October to examine and approve the provisional program of the following financial year;
    3. The board of Directors validly deliberate only when at least half of the members are present. If the quorum is not met in the first meeting, a second meeting shall be called in the following 15 days. In this case, the council shall validly deliberate without quorum condition. The Board shall take its decisions by a majority of the votes of the members present. In the event of a tied vote, the chairperson vote is prevailing.

 Archive Of Board Of Directors Meetings.

The procedures of appointment and election of the members as well as the duration of their mandate , Open the Decree