Powers of the Director

  • The Agency is administered by a Director:

    • The Director is appointed in accordance with the provisions of article 92 of the Constitution.
    • The Director has full necessary powers and duties in the management of the Agency. For this purpose:
    1. Ensures the management of the agency, act on its behalf and perform or authorize any act or operation related to the Agency;
    2. Represents the Agency vis-à-vis the State, with any public or private administration and with third parties and performs any conservatory acts;
    3. Executes the decisions of the Board of Directors and, if need be, the committees created by the latter;
    4. Ensure the management of all the Departments of the agency and appoints to posts of the Agency in accordance with Staff Regulations;
    5. Represents the Agency before the Courts and may initiate any legal action that aims at defending the interests of the Agency, nevertheless that he immediately and advise the President of the Board of Directors;
    • The Director attends with an advisory vote the meetings of Board of Directors and the Committees created by the latter;
    • The Director suggests four members known for their scientific and technical competence to the governmental authority in charge of Higher Education in order to appoint them in the board of directors;