Universities and University Establishments

University Higher Education in Morocco includes currently 12 Universities regrouping 147 establishments. University establishments are divided into two categories:

Open-access establishments:

  • Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences;
  • Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences;
  • Faculty of Sciences ;
  • Polydisciplinary Faculty;

Regulated Access establishments:

  • Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy;
  • Faculties of dental medicine;
  • Schools of Engineering;
  • Faculties of Sciences and Technologies;
  • National Schools of Trade and Management;
  • Higher Normal Schools;
  • Higher Normal Schools of Technical Education;
  • Higher Schools of technology;
  • King Fahd School of Translation;
  • Faculty of Education Sciences;

As part of the new pedagogical reform, the Moroccan universities have adopted LMD system, in which studies are organized as follows:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (6 Semesters);
  • Master’s Degree (4 Semesters);
  • And Doctorate (3 years after Master’s Degree).

The courses provided by the universities are organized in cycles, courses and modules, and are certified by national diplomas.

List of the Moroccan universities: Consult